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Swirly toilet

swirly toilet

Jun 14, Do not let kids do this to you tell someone as fast as you can Asp. Nov 20, This is just my first attempt at an idea im working on for a PSA im shooting. This is more of a work in progress, so things are subject to change. A prank often pulled in high school, in which a group of kids hold one kid upside down over a toilet then dunk their head in and flush it, resulting in a "swirl" style.

: Swirly toilet

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Swirly toilet After putting a bannana in the toilet, have many people use the toilet. Messy Swirlie - A swirlie with gooey or messy things in the toilet like cream or peppers - the swirlie equivalent of the Messy Wedgie. In the Batman story arc "Heart of Hush", "swirly toilet", Batman interrogates Scarecrow with a toilet and the electrical wire from the lightbulb in his cell. An episode of King of the Hill revolves around a team of bullies that continuously impede Bobby's attempts to ask Khannie out to the school dance throughout the episode. One episode of Hey Arnold!